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Roy Y. Chan, Ph.D. (陈佑雄) (b. 1986, Long Beach, CA) is an American educator, author, and innovator. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Education and Director of the Ed.D. Program at Lee University.

Prior to his appointment, Roy has worked with a wide range of organizations and institutions. Some of his past work includes Director of TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at Lee University (2019-2021), Special Projects Coordinator in the 21st Century Scholars Program at Indiana University Bloomington (2016-2019), FCD Educational Services (2013-2015), Boston College (2012-2015), HKU Alumni Association of New England (2014-2016), China California Heart Watch (2010-2015), Asian Women Leadership University (2014-2015), WorldTeach (2009-2010), Education Service Exchange with China (ESEC) (2007; 2014, 2015), Boston Ballet (2013-2015), UCI Chancellor's Club (2009-2015), InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA (2004-2009; 2011-2015), Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (2010), and City of Santa Ana (2007-2009)Presently, Roy is a Ph.D. student in Education Policy Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington's School of Education (2015-2018). He holds an M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Boston College (2014) and a M.Ed. in International Education from The University of Hong Kong (2011).

Roy is passionate about social justice, racial reconciliation, global mission, and philanthropy. Some of his past scholarly work has been presented at several national and international conferences. Recent publications include Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education during COVID-19 (2021), The Future of Accessibility in International Higher Education (2017) and Disability and Equity in Higher Education Accessibility (2017). Recent awards include the World Universities Forum Graduate Scholar Award (2013), HKU Henry K. Chan Inclusive Education Award (2012), PDK Gerald H. Read International Travel Scholarship (2011), Asia Social Innovation Award (2010), and National Excellence Leadership Award (2009). Roy's work has also been published in multiple journals, including Studies in Higher Education, International Journal of Chinese Education, and The International Journal of Comparative Education and Development. Furthermore, his work has been featured in Capital Commentary, SharedJustice, as well as The Improper BostonianRoy serves on the Peer-Review Board of the Journal of International Students and the Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Roy's current research interest includes philanthropy and fundraising in higher education, the building and making of world-class research institutions, the cross-culturalism in education policy and higher education internationalization, and the socialization experience of undergraduate and graduate students in Confucian heritage societies. He is a active member of several professional associations, most notably the American Educational Research Association(AERA)Association for the Study of Higher Education(ASHE), Comparative and International Education Society(CIES), Association for Institutional Research(AIR)NAFSA: International EducatorsPhi Delta Kappa(PDK) International Education AssociationAssociation for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education(AASHE), and the Comparative Education Society of Asia

Roy has been a visiting student at several elite institutions, including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree
in Criminology, Law & Society with three minors in English Literature, Cultural Anthropology, and Educational Studies from the University of California, Irvine. He has been an active member of the prestigious Chancellor's Club at UC Irvine under the leadership of Chancellor Michael V. Drake as a
Graduate of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) Annual Member. Prior to completing UC Irvine, Roy was nominated as the 2009 Homecoming King.

During his free time, Roy is an active performer. He has trained with several pre-professional dance companies, most recently with the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Center during the '2010 Summer Intensive' dance program. He has also received training with the Westside School of Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company," Daria Bearden Foundation for Performing Arts, and Maple Conservatory of Dance. His technique training includes ballet, modern, contemporary, and jazz dance. Roy has worked with many choreographers, such as, Kate Hutter, Jocelyn Chung, Maria Gillespie, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Adam Parson, Scott Hislop, Chad Michael Hall, Hanna Karacic, and Charles Maple. 

Roy can also be found at local concert halls and burrito joints. Some of his indulgences include cold-smoked salmon, bacon-washed bourbons, and Luxardo maraschino cherries. Roy is an avid photographer and actor. He is an active member of the Central Casting and Actors, Models, & Talent for Christ (AMTC) family.

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Outside of being a graduate student, Roy is a active actor/dancer/singer. 


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Filmography credits include: The Sea of Trees (2015), The Odyssey (2015), The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler (2015), Tell Tale Lies (2015), Rise Above (2015)Friction (2014), The Forger (2014), Code Entertainment and The Solutions Entertainment Group - Director Philip Martin, Friction (2014), Ogechi Musa, Theory of Conflict (2014), TOC Productions - Director Rahman Oladigbolu

Acting credits include: Through Looking Glasses(2011), Gulliver Theatre Productions; Diaspora Blues(2010), HKU English Drama Society; Madrigal Dinner(2007), Madrigal Dinner(2006), UC Irvine School of the Arts; Skin Deep(2005), UC Riverside Department of Theatre.

Dancing credits include: 2010 Summer Dance Intensive Showcase (2010), L.A. Contemporary Dance Center; The Nutcracker(2008), Maple Conservatory of Dance; The Nutcracker(2007), The Nutcracker(2006), Daria Bearden Foundation for the Performing Arts; UCI Spring LDT Showcase(2006), Latin and Ballroom Dance Association; APO Spring Showcase(2009), UCI Alpha Phi Omega.

Singing credits include: World premiere of Thomas Oboe Lee "God's Grandeur"(2013), Boston College University Chorale; Sesquicentennial Concert at Symphony Hall(2013), Boston College University Chorale, Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels of the Martyns Concert - Rome Italy(2013), Boston College University Chorale, Sesquicentennial Celebration Mass at Fenway Park(2012), Boston College University Chorale; Carl Orff's Carmina Burana(2012), Boston College University Chorale; POPS! On the Heights(2012), Boston College University Chorale; University Choral Society with the Penn Symphony Orchestra, Parberry/Beethoven, Brahms(2012), University of Pennsylvania; Beethoven 9th Symphony for Japan(2011), Los Angeles Philharmonic, 43rd Anniversary HKU Student Union Choir(2011), HKU Student Union Choir; Monteverdi with Brass & Carols for Christmas(2010), HKU Chamber Choir; Llangollen International Music Eistedfod(2008), UCI Chamber Singers; 78th Pacific Southwest Intercollegiate Choral Association(2009), 77th Pacific Southwest Intercollegiate Choral Association(2008), UCI Madrigal Dinner(2006, 2005), UCI Chamber Singers; Choral Festivals(2005-2009), UCI Chamber Singers; Choral Festivals(2004-2005), UCR Choral Society; Choral Festivals(2000-2004), Long Beach Poly Chamber Singers

Roy Y. Chan (bottom right) performs at the 21st annual Holiday Christmas concert with the University Chorale at Boston College.

The purpose of www.rychan.com is to serve as my online portfolio for myself, for students, for faculties, for employment, and for graduate school throughout my academic years.

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