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Here are some of my recent research papers I've written during my last 10 years in college. Please feel free to read and use any of my research papers for your own leisure. Be sure to cite my name as one of your sources :)

NOTE: These documents are in NO particular order.


1) The Role of Cultural Capital Influencing Minority Students' Optimism, Motivation, and Perception for Education Abroad at two-year Community Colleges: A Case Study of Santa Monica College - Associate's Degree(A.A.) Degree in Global Studies: Click Here

2) Using Cultural Capital and Social Capital to Assess Low-Income Students' Desire to Pursue a U.S. Associate's Degree: A Case Study of Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC): Click Here

3) Developing and Assessing the Attainment of Graduate Attributes and Generic Skills Perceived by Undergraduate Students in the Asia-Pacific: A Case Study on the Value Added for Completing a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Auckland, New Zealand (Literature Review): Click Here

4) College Readiness and Remediation in Higher Education: A Policy Brief of California Community Colleges among Hispanic/Latino Undergraduate Students in American Society: Click Here

5) Higher Education and the Public Good: A Critical Historical Analysis from the Colonial Period to the Golden Age Era: Click Here

6) Reclaiming Affordability, Access, and Accountability in California's Multiversity Campus: A Historical Analysis of the Fiscal Relationship between State Government and Public Higher Education in American Society: Click Here

7) The Limits to Organizational Change: Developing and Embracing Institutional Change and Flexibility in Higher Education Organizations: Click Here

8) The Functions of Higher Education Organizations: Examining and Understanding Organizational Responses to Environmental Influences in American Society: Click Here

9) Managing Power, Influence, and Structure in Higher Education: A Case Study of the Politics and Dynamics at Bennington College in Vermont: Click Here

10) The Formation of Status Groups among Adolescents and Teenagers in American Schooling: An Examination of Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids from the Film Mean Girls: Click Here

11) Social Class, Cultural Capital, and Elite Status Cultures among Blue-Collar Workers: The Unequal Benefits of Women in Higher Education from the Film Educating Rita: Click Here

12) Organizational Culture and Its Impact on the Campus Community: A Historical Case Study of Reed College in Portland, Oregon: Click Here

13) Legal Issues in K-12 and Higher Education Institutions: Understanding Search and Seizure (Fourteenth Amendment) and Free Exercise Rights (First Amendment) in American Schooling: Click Here

14) Evaluating and Using Student Development Theories in Higher Education: A Case Study of an Undergraduate Student at Duke University: Click Here

15) Promoting Racial Understanding in Higher Education: Examining the Results of the Wabash National Liberal Arts Education on College Students' Identity Development: Click Here

Mr. Roy Y. Chan catches up with Dr. Philip G. Altbach, Monan University Professor and Founding Director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College


1) The Effects of Student Involvement and College Environment on Students' Learning and Living Experience at World-Class University: A Comparative Case Study of The University of Hong Kong(HKU) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) (M.Ed. Dissertation): Click Here

2) The Fuzzy Divide Between Community College and University: The Past, Present, and Future Aims of Higher Education: Click Here

3) Facilitating and Managing Institutional Change in Higher Education: The Organizational Structure at UC Berkeley and Harvard University: Click Here

4) Englishlization and Globalization of Higher Education: A Path to Build and Establish World-Class Universities in mainland China by the Year 2020: Click Here

5) Actors in Foreign Aid Interaction: Aid Coordination and Integration in Developing Countries for Aid Effectiveness in African Countries: Click Here

6) Introduction to Higher Education - Course Sample: Click Here

PowerPoint Presentation

1) International Knowledge Network and Global English Language in China's Higher Education: Click Here

2) Researching the Student's Experience in Universities: Click Here

3) Making Sense of Organizational Change in Higher Education: Click_Here 

Mr. Roy Y. Chan catches up with Hector Tobar, Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter and critic for Los Angeles Times


*last updated: 06/15/09

School of Humanities

1) Goblin Market and Lamia: Seductive Figure of Temptation and Desire in Femininity (ENGLISH 28A) = Click Here

2) The Shepherd Cries for True Love (ENGLISH 28A) = Click Here

3) Poetry As An Insurgent of Art (ENGLISH 28A) = Click Here

4) The Beauty of Conquest in Tamburlaine the Great (ENGLISH 28B) = Click Here

5) The Performative Dimension of The Good Person in Szechwan (ENGLISH 28B) = Click Here

6) Humor As A Comical Affect in The Real Inspector Hound (ENGLISH 28B) = Click Here

7) Huck Finn and The Awakening: Huck and Edna Quest for Spritual Freedom (ENGLISH 28C) = Click Here

8) Authority and Power through writing in Pamela (ENGLISH 28C) = Click Here

9) Love and Class in Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice (ENGLISH 28C) = Click Here

10) Austen and Dickens in Sense and Sensibility and Bleak House (ENGLISH 102C) = Click Here

11) Ray Bradbury The Illustrated Man: Literature and Technology in the 20th Century (ENGLISH 102D) = Click Here

12) William Shakespeare's Use of Magic and Witchcraft in The Tempest (ENGLISH 103) Click Here

13) Twelfth Night: Viola and Oliva Desirous Woman (ENGLISH 103) = Click Here

14) Between Guilt and Affluence in Ethan Goffman (ENGLISH 103) = Click Here

15) Bleak House Charles Dickens Displacement and Domesticity (ENGLISH 103) = Click Here

16) The Tempest and A Tempest Use of Magic and Witchcraft (ENGLISH 105) = Click Here

17) The Black Jacobins and Black Shack Alley in the Caribbean (ENGLISH 105) = Click Here

18) The Art of Seduction and Possibilities in Italy (WRITING 39A) = Click Here

19) Beyond Obedience to Conscience (WRITING 39A) = Click Here

20) Same Sex Marriage on Trial (WRITING 39A) = Click Here

21) Food for the Soul at P.F. Changs (WRITING 39A) = Click Here

22) Letter to a High School Teacher (WRITING 39A) = Click Here

23) Beyond Disobedience: The Vanishing Call to Conscience (WRITING 39B) = Click Here

24) The Androgynous Man and Marked Woman (WRITING 39B) = Click Here

25) Theological Bioethics and the Global Environment: Human Perspective on Conceptual Issues (WRITING 38B)  = Click Here

26) Fighting Immigration Anarchy: Process and Policy of America's Immigration Crisis (WRITING 39C) = Click Here

27) Ethics and the Limits of Philosphy: For and Against Utlitarianism and Deontology (PHILOSOPHY 1) = Click Here

28) The Matrix vs. The Reality (PHILOSOPHY 4) = Click Here

29) From Chance to Choice: Psychological and Philosophical Consequences of Justice and Injustice (PHILOSOPHY 4) = Click Here

30) Laura Ashley: Home Decorating and High Fashion Style (UNI STU 3) = Click Here

31) Breaking The Mode In Contemporary Fashion Design (UNI STU 3) = Click Here

32) Losing One's Place in The Grudge (UNI STU 7) = Click Here

School of Social Ecology

1) Interracial Relationships Among Asian-American and Caucasian Adolescents (research paper) (Soc Ecol 194W) = Click Here

2) Save Our Coast, Estuary, Wetlands: The Obligation for Habitat Restoration (research paper)  (Soc Ecol 195) = Click Here

3) Discipline With Punishment: Emily Durkheim's View in Social Theory (CRIM/LAW 111) = Click Here

4) Controlling Limits to Cyberspace (CRIM/LAW 143) = Click Here

5) Adapting American Legal Cultures in the Year 2096 (CRIM/LAW 147) = Click Here

6) Witness for the Prosecution (CRIM/LAW 104) = Click Here

7) CyberCrimes - The Chance of a Lifetime (CRIM/LAW 151) = Click Here

8) Floral Park - The Upper Class of Santa Ana (CRIM/LAW 110) = Click Here

9) General Criminology Vocabularies (CRIMLAW 7) = Click Here

Paul Merage School of Business

1) How One Company Tackled a Major Communication Problem : A Case Analysis (MANAGEMENT 5) = Click Here 

2) Blockbuster Offers Uprise Potential: A Case Analysis (MANAGEMENT 5) = Click Here

School of Social Sciences

1) Oral Interview with Senior Citizen from Hong Kong (ANTHROPOLOGY 2A) = Click Here

2) Homosexuality in Modern Drama and Theatre (ANTHROPOLOGY 121D) = Click Here

3) Nigeria West Africa: Technology and the Media (ANTHROPOLOGY 164A) = Click Here

4) Witchcraft, Violence, and Democracy: Culture and the Media (ANTHROPOLOGY 164A) = Click Here

5) African Musician in Paris: Black Life in Contemporary France (ANTHROPOLOGY 164A) = Click Here

6 Cambodia and Vietnam Reading Summary One (ANTHROPOLOGY 169) = Click Here

7) Cambodia and Vietnam Reading Summary Two (ANTHROPOLOGY 169) = Click Here

8) Leadership in the 21st Century Journal: Leading Others for Change (SOCIAL SCIENCE 181) = Click Here

9) Leadership in the 21st Century: Self Reflection Paper (SOCIAL SCIENCE 181) = Click Here

10) Leadership Analysis: Strategies for Taking Charge (SOCIAL SCIENCE 199) = Click Here

11) Leadership 101 Analysis: Effective Leadership SOCIAL SCIENCE 199) = Click Here

12) Globalization, Terrorism, and War in Iraq (SOCIOLOGY 1) = Click Here

13) Children in Poverty: Celebrating Strength, Transforming Lives (INTL ST 12) = Click Here

14) Stepparent for Teens: An In-depth Study of Living with a Stepparent (PSYCH 100) = Click Here

15) Film and Gender Masculine and Feminity in Mrs. Doubtfire (Uni Stu 7) = Click Here

School of Biological Sciences

1) UCI Cal Teach Final Journal Paper (BIO SCI 14) = Click Here

2) UCI Cal Teach Final Reflection Paper (BIO SCI 14) = Click Here

School of Physical Sciences

1) Exploring Black Holes: The Physics of Compact Objects (PHYSICS 20B) = Click Here

Department of Education

1) The Case Against Standardized Testing (research paper) (EDUC 50) = Click Here

2) Jean Piaget in Child Cognitive Development (EDU 107) = Click Here

3) The Pyramid of Success (EDUC 125) = Click Here

4) Role Models and Moral Values (EDUC 125) = Click Here

5) Morality and Expediency (EDUC 125) = Click Here

6) Violence and Bullies in Schools (EDU 125) = Click Here

7) Teaching English in Kazakhstan (EDU 134) = Click Here

8) Art in the Elementary School in a Child (EDU 137) = Click Here

9) Work Place and the School Environment (EDUC 150) = Click Here

10) High School Experience (EDU 150) = Click Here

11) A Man's Voice of the Past: An Oral History of my Dad (EDUC 160) = Click Here

12) Standardized Testing: Proposed Policy Paper (ASIAN AMERICAN 139) = Click Here

13) University Studies Discussion Leader Reflecion - Fall 2008 (UNI STU 192) = Click Here

14) University Studies Discussion Leader Reflecion - Winter 2009 (UNI STU 192) = Click Here

College of Health and Sciences

1) The Caffeine and Java Myth: Coffee and Diabetes (research paper) (PUBLIC HEALTH 1) = Click Here

Claire Treavor School of the Arts

1) The World of Brecht in Drama: Endgame and the use of Epic Theatre (DRAMA 5) = Click Here

2) Appalachian Mountains (DANCE 80) = Click Her

3) Dance Escape 2008: The Elements of Dance (DANCE 80) = Click Here

4) The Vacant House (DANCE 14) = Click Here

PowerPoint Presentation

1) Halloween and its History (ANTHROPOLOGY 135) = Click Here

2) George Handel: Messiah (MUSIC 25A) = Click Here

3) Bleak House, Charles Dickens (ENGLISH 103) = Click Here

4) The Grudge, Sarah Gellar (UNI STU 7) = Click Here

5) How to make an excellent PowerPoint Presentation (UNI STU 4) = Click Here

6) UCI Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (UNI STU 192) = Click Here

7) The Most Critical Issues Facing U.S. Health Care System (PUBLIC HEALTH 1) = Click Here

8) How to create an Excellent Resume (UNI STU 2) = Click Here

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

1) What Does It Mean To Be A Follower Of Christ = Click Here

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